The success of the Russian initiative requires the delivery of infrastructure in Syria

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The Minister of State for Displaced Persons in the Interim Government, Mo & # 39; in Al-Marabi, presented UNHCR Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees. "The only solution for ending the tragedy of displaced persons is to work on a political solution that will stop bloodshed in Syria and bring the displaced children back to their countries in the countries of the country," said Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman from the UNHCR.

The Minister underlined the importance of infrastructure investments in the remote Lebanese regions, where the vast majority of displaced persons reside, where the pressure on the infrastructure is increasing daily and the lack of competition and competition for public services and employment between the host communities and the displaced persons are increasing. He stressed that the conditions to be met for the success of the Russian initiative, which provides for a voluntary, safe and dignified return, the provision of infrastructure and reconstruction of housing units, even at least in areas devastated by the war in Syria, together with security guarantees that can not be pursued by the Syrian regime.

Limentes stressed the importance of refugee access to public services through water, electricity, hospitalization and education. Currently, the required documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, university diplomas and medical records, are being revised. Number 10, which maintains the return of refugees in the absence of possession of legal documents showing that they own their homes and land.

The UNHCR is interested in reaching a tripartite agreement between the Syrian and Russian Governments to ensure the return of Syrian refugees and to facilitate communication with them by allowing the UNHCR to enter all Syrian territories to provide them with services. to be able to grant when they return.

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