The time of slackness and disgust has become a big burden for our reality

The Minister of Finance in the interim government, Ali Hassan Khalil, said during a ceremony in honor of the successful students in official certificates of the municipality of Qabrikha: "Yesterday we prepared the speech of Imam Sadr, the letter of preservation of your religion and belief You are victorious, "he said, adding that" the main message is to maintain this approach, which is related to the nation's problems with great challenges and problems of the homeland, which you must remain faithful and his strength, unity and resistance, which have not yet ended, even if this enemy felt his defeat and retreated.As the enemy And that we must remain ready for him by sticking to our sovereignty, our dignity, our resistance, our army and our consciousness, that must remain conscious and always be awake of what can be planned. "

Khalil explained that "today's message through you to those who work at the level of political life in this country, that the time of lax and aversion has become a big burden on our reality, what the acceleration of the decade we live in the formation of the new government We can stop the calculations that hindered the formation of the government to this day, and it is time to take away all power of political responsibility from the private interest group in favor of the interests of the country and the launch of the work of institutions in it, "noting that" We look forward to a real workshop for the future of these students, To trust people in the state, and our duty and Taza We are sure that the coalition of Amal and Hezbollah will stir up the slogan of working to follow the problems of caring for all people in their future, in employment opportunities, in development projects ltching what we started together.

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