The troops separate the relationship between the president and Basil

Minister of Information in the interim government Melhem Al-Riyashi said that the problem of the government is still internal and calls for a rapid formation in the light of the results of the parliamentary elections.

In a radio interview he emphasized that there is no problem for the Lebanese armed forces in a solution that depends on whether everyone agrees, but the problem is that Minister Gebran Bassil imposed the criterion on everyone, noting that the Lebanese people have high expectations. have the next government and the covenant. In his advantage.

He stressed that the relations between Baabda and Maarab are good and friendly, pointing out that President Aoun has informed him that he is a representative of all, and that we must treat him regardless of the argument with the Free Patriotic Movement. Does not interfere or interfere with the formation of the government and that Prime Minister Hariri is responsible for the formation and asks him to consult on the sovereign portfolios.

Al-Riyashi said that there is a fierce battle between the armed forces and the current and that the difference should not lead to disagreement, and warns that those who seek to overthrow the reconciliation between them through generations and history will be cursed.

He added: "We are a political party of the natural right to invest his victories in power, and there is a clear and explicit agreement in the notion of Maarab about the sacks and how to divide, since the logic of quotas a regression concept and the union of the Covenant is the twenty-nine deputies and not the free-flow block, and no one has the right to count his share twice.

He pointed out that the debates are normal in democratic life, especially that the forces and the current allies and no party are involved, given that the sparring of some of his points will disappear at the moment the government is formed.

He called Riyashi to leave the crown in the case because the President of the Republic was for everyone and should not be confused in the narrow political differences, noting that he let him know that a more in-depth investigation will be carried out at the beginning of September. government file to use its powers.

As far as his work at the Ministry of Information is concerned, Al-Riyashi said that he completed several projects to be announced on September 10, accusing Basil of not being able to handle the Lebanon TV file.

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