The vision presented by Hariri translates into a government of national unity

The former MP Nidal Tomeh said in a statement that "the state of President Saad Hariri said, clearly and responsibly, and approached the political reality in the country, knowing that Hezbollah disagrees with his vision and policy on the Gulf and disagrees with the party's policy towards Iran, which can only be translated by a government of national unity, in which all spectrums are represented, to achieve the money laundering of our rights, away from regional axes. and external obligations, without which we ask which policy you want, and where do you lead the country? & # 39;

He said that "the obstruction of the formation of the government is not in the hands of Prime Minister Hariri, but he has the decisive decision to insist on a government that can be a salvation and fertility.This distinguishes those who want the state to actually benefits from his brothers and those who want to connect fate with the benefits from the outside and go to the government harmony, where all ministries without exception, sovereign and service in the service of development to save the economy.

He said: "The continuation of the logic of every song about its achievements in the government can not let the state or covenant perform, corruption is the division of the board to the islands and settlements." What do we want to fight corruption and we still weigh the balance of the past The Lebanese are the approach to the philosophy of governance through unitary norms that are integrated with the proposal of Prime Minister Hariri, if not everyone cooperates, the structure will fall on everyone's head. "

He added: "It is narrated from ahadith that in some political sessions whispered about mechanisms propagated by some, leading to pressure on the nominated president, and which sometimes evokes an unconstitutional language through a ceiling and a period of responsibility avoidance. All this is not related to constitutional and political realism, and the target is not Prime Minister Hariri, but the good relationship that is woven today between the presidency and the presidency of the government, as if it were touched by the subject, and somehow trying to ignore their interests in the interests of the country.

"While the economic crisis starts to hit the doors of the hospital and endangers citizens, we can only call those involved to respond to the call of his Excellency the Minister of Health," he concluded. "The situation can be reflected in other sectors that are obviously not in their best shape, the strongest in the economy's wish, and I hope that the next meeting will soon be fruitful between the President and the President."

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