The wise people in the country do not allow some people to unleash sedition

The Al-Anwar newspaper reported that the front of the government seemed to have calmed down when President Michel Aoun's visit to New York was awaiting developments that would restore the efforts of the parties involved. "The SPLA front between the Progressive Socialist Party and the Free Patriotic Movement also witnessed a silence, Progressive Walid Jumblatt with the party officials in the region to initiate with the current and other parties to communicate and regional meetings to ensure that differences remain within the framework of discussion and dialogue, there were skirmishes on the front of the armed forces – the movement following the positions cited by the President of the Republic to exacerbate the complexity of the author , although the information bureau in Baabda tried to clarify that some of the reports cited visitors to the president was inaccurate, leaving behind a negative frequency, the first of its kind between Maarab and Ba & bda, after the tension was limited to the line of Ma & # 39; rab – Mirna Al Shalouhi. "I am doing good, but we will continue to do well", said member of the mighty Republican block MP Shawqi al-Dakash. He confirmed the Dacache to Bhagatag – on the covenant – remained.

For this atmosphere, Prime Minister Saad Hariri regretted his decision to name a street called Mustapha Badr al-Din, saying: This is the struggle of her mother and father, emphasizing that the biggest mistake of the country and the covenant is to postpone the formation of the government, In order for the alliance to succeed, results must be achieved, and it is not a minister who is short or short. He added that the wise people in the country would not allow some people to ignite incitement.

He added: Each side must be modest to form a government, and if each team wants to cancel the other, it will not be formed, noting that there are people who want to take the country to another place, and there are people who act rationally and there are people who want to cause sedition, revealing that the problem is not alone. In the Lebanese Forces party and the Progressive Socialist Party, but also in the Marada stream, and the solution is easy if we want it.

On the subject of the legislative session, Hariri said that we will continue with Speaker Nabih Berri and that all items seem to relate to the Seder conference.

He also noted that the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros-Raya, with a neutral government, suggested that if we are unable to neutralize the country, how can we form a neutral government?

During his meeting with the bloc, the president emphasized that cooperation and joint responsibility between the presidency and the government is indispensable both during the process of authorship and after the birth of the government. In this sense it should not be the subject of discussion and discussion. because it forms a basic rule Protection of political stability and the launch of government action.

The bloc expressed his satisfaction with the positions announced by Prime Minister Hariri and his repeated calls for humility in presenting conditions and requirements and allowing reopening of consultation channels. He also took note of the calls from party leaders to withdraw the media debate and the quest for the limits of peace in the political dialogue, which contributes to the logic of the dialogue during the break and the lifting of the contract that the birth of the government.

On the other hand, the decision of the municipality of Ghubairi to name a street on behalf of the main accused in the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Mustafa Badr Eddin in the foreground. In the context, after a response to this issue, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed the failure to approve the naming of the street. The decision was unconstitutional in a letter to the municipality of Al-Ghubairi, in which it explained that the exercise by the municipality of its powers in the Municipalities Act is not absolute and that it must be exercised in a way that does not affect public order. Refuse to consider the non-decision as tacit approval of the designation of the street in accordance with the provisions of Article 63 of the Municipalities Act, especially when the subject is a political conflict that cuts through secrecy and security, and constitutes a danger to safety and order, which is the basis of the tasks and functions of this ministry in terms of vigilance Keep them, ba The Ministry of the Interior is not allowed on the pretext of passing the month to consider the decision as implicitly valid. For the above reasons

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