This would not have happened tomorrow in a large bank without the intervention of the security forces

The Directorate-General of Internal Security Forces, the Public Relations Division, reported that "information was available to the judicial unit of the judicial police unit about the formation of a gang of armed robbery plans against a bank in the Ghazir region. "When they were closely watched, they discovered that they had bought weapons, masks, and helmets and stole an automatic Ghazir bicycle for use during the operation."

In a statement: "On 17/08/2018 and during their meeting in a house near the district Al-Ghadeer in the southern suburb, a group of the detachment invaded the house building for the reference of the competent court and was able to arrest: (Born 1992, Syrian), TA (born 1991, Syrian), with a 7mm war gun with a comb, several usable shots, a revolver gun, black color caps, a motorized bike and two camouflage helmet lenses. And that the date of implementation of the operation was on Monday 20/08/2018 and also acknowledged that they planned to rob a bank, but the operation did not succeed The investigation is under the supervision of the competent court. "

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