To accelerate the formation of the government to deal with outstanding issues and crises – the location of Al-Manar channel – Lebanon

Called the deputy chairman of the Executive Council in Hezbollah, Sheikh Ali Daddoush "to speed up the formation of the government to address the outstanding issues and crises, in particular the fight against corruption and its fight against it." He explained that "Hezbollah and the Amal movement offer all the facilities for the formation of this government."

"The stability of Syria will create political, security and economic stability for Lebanon," he said in a speech during the Ashura Council in the southern city of Habbush. He called on Lebanon to "keep track of this phase and arrange matters. for the return of relations with Syria for the common interest of the two countries. "

"It is in the interests of all countries and peoples of the region to end the war in Syria and to eliminate the armed terrorist groups," he said, emphasizing that "it is in the interest of Lebanon to initially to end".

source: National Media Agency

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