To form the next government after overcoming all obstacles

In a statement following the weekly meeting of its political council headed by Dori Chamoun and the presence of members, the liberal nationalists said in a statement that "the calls to normalize relations with the Syrian regime are a complication for the formation of the next government and a fate of the president who has to take him out. "It is known that the arrangement that took place between the various parties earlier confirmed the principle of self-exclusion, leaving only the name, if it was at any time respected, and this obstacle follows for the new obstacle for the third party. This harms the concept of the National Reconciliation Government, and these two obstacles. "This approach is based on the Constitution, which does not specify a time limit within which the designated President can reach the right and who has no means other than Understanding" of the commissioning meeting ", again" calls for the formation of the next government after overcoming all obstacles to starting serious work to meet the challenges and crises.

He called on the party to "understand the return of the displaced Syrians to their country, away from bidding and maneuvers that hamper their execution and tension in their internal tensions, and to increase tensions and quarrels", emphasizing that "this return it is the right of the displaced and the duty of the Syrian regime to separate itself from the considerations of sectarian and political, "The Russian initiative, which, in cooperation with the host countries, tries to bring the displaced persons back in the best conditions," in favor of "the formation of a Lebanese-Russian commission for cooperation in this area", in the hope that international organizations, especially the United Nations, in addition to the support of the community, will also participate in the efforts for the reconstruction of Syria, "calls" a political solution that leads to the attainment of peace and democracy away from the balance of terror, which is still frightening to this day. "

"We have already asked all those involved in this dossier to work on it before the beginning of the academic year," he said, referring to the announcement by the teachers' union of a series of moves to "finish what it was before the summer had begun. " Unfortunately, things still have to be the same between the administrations of private schools and the meeting of parents and the teachers' union, which have a negative effect on the fate of the school year and the interests of the students. We note that each of the three parties considers itself oppressed and in this part of the state intervention is required to provide financial support to private schools, some of which are closed and are being lit up. Parents who are successful T burden as a result of the economic crisis. "

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