To prevent the explosion of rocks and the drainage of waste water to the river

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The National Authority of the Litani River submitted a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, the Governor of the Bekaa and the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces to prevent the bombardment of a quarry in the area of ​​Qalaya, which borders on Channel 800, threatens the safety of the canal and disrupts the irrigation project at the level of 800 before completion.

And requested to take appropriate measures to prevent all quarries, squatters and the like in the project area from the bombardment and to oblige them to work according to technical strengths away from the location of the canal and its refusal, the safety of the project facilities. and to ensure equipment. By the contractor.

On the other hand, the ministry has submitted a letter to the Ministry of the Environment requesting that shipments of untreated sewage and medical waste to health establishments in the upper catchment area of ​​the Litani River into sewerage networks entering the river be prevented.

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