«Trials» Lebanese politicians protected by «immunity»

«Trials» Lebanese politicians protected by «immunity»

Beirut: Sana al-Jack

Lebanese politicians use Twitter for their own purposes and Twitter contributes to political intelligence, but their tweets, unlike the average citizen, are protected by immunity & # 39 ;.

Major General Jamil al-Sayyid says that he advertises daily via Twitter and that he "does not expect his account to reach 330,000." "In the past I was obsessed with expression and I made frequent contact with televisions and newspapers to get my comments across, via Twitter I have a radio, a television and a newspaper at home and in a sense I shake the body of what I want. & # 39;

In another extract from the Minister of the Environment in the interim government, Tariq Khatib, journalist Charles Ayoub says: "Your intimidation of the great hunters will not help you." Gibran Bassil will not help you and give you the honor to be in his shoes, you need a psychiatric hospital. & # 39;

The professor of sociology, Dr. Talal Atrissi regrets the double standard that allows a politician to denigrate his opponents, not to be held responsible, while the average citizen is subject to accounting and is called to investigate.

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