UNRWA funding stopped with a plan to liquidate the case

They were received by a member of the political leadership of the Hamas movement in Lebanon and his political leader in the area of ​​Sidon and his camps Ayman Shanaa in the presence of the political official of the movement in the camp Ain el-Hilweh.

The two sides confirmed that they had "discussed the latest political developments on the Palestinian issue, in particular Palestinian reconciliation", adding that "the completion of reconciliation comes in the context of reaching the Palestinian national project and uniting of all attempts to address the impending dangers of the Palestinian issue, To meet the American steps, especially the deal of the century. "

As far as UNRWA cuts are concerned, they stressed the "attachment to UNRWA and the direction and retention of the Agency, in the light of the decision by the US government to stop the financing of the Agency in the context of a clear American plan to deal with the Palestinian cause and liquidation. "

The two sides stressed that "the clear American-Zionist focus on the Palestinian cause and the attempt to liquidate and abolish the right of return requires that all political parties in Lebanon unite and unite to liquidate the refugee issue. confront and formulate a planned plan to preserve the Palestinian presence in Lebanon. "

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