Video .. Media associated with Hezbollah threatens the Saudi ambassador to cut "his leg"

Video .. Hezbollah media threaten the Saudi ambassador to cut off "his leg" Al-Haywar newspaper quoted the Egyptians to publish a video .. Hezbollah's media threatens the slogan "his leg", video .. threatens the Saudi ambassador to cut "We send you new news today through our newspaper Al-Hawar and start with the most important news, video. A Hezbollah-affiliated media threatens the Saudi ambassador to" cut off his leg ".

The Al-Hawar newspaper reported that the information arm of the security forces had called on the correspondent of the Iranian TV channel "Al-Alam", Hossein Mortada, on charges of threatening the Saudi ambassador Walid Al-Bukhari.

Hussein Mortada appeared in a video that challenged the information branch and said: The question of calling him will not be "long in your neck".

He added that the information branch was called on the basis of an issue that was not related to Lebanon, he said.

Murtada confirmed that he would continue his attack on Walid al-Bukhari and the Saudi role of the "fatwa" in Lebanon, as he put it.

He said he will work on video's that demonstrate the failure of some judges and security men to perform their duties, and their compliance with pressure from political parties inside and outside.

Hussein Murtada appeared in a video in which Walid al-Bukhari was threatened with cutting off his legs & # 39; if he is in Lebanon & sedition & # 39; continued to show.

Hossein Murtada is one of the most prominent media images of Hezbollah in Lebanon and has worked together in recent years with the fighters of the party alongside the troops of the regime in the Syrian war.

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source: The Egyptians

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