Wakim called on "all" to intervene to solve the crisis of formation

A member of the "strong republic" block emigrant Emad Wakim made an appeal to the "Lebanon in a week" program in an interview with "Radio Lebanon" and presented it by fellow Natalie Issa, president of the General-General Michel Aoun in his capacity as "all, to intervene to solve the crisis of forming the government," Lebanese armed forces have reduced their share and have not been surpassed ", and stressed that" keep pace with the wheel of the state it does not mean that one has to abolish oneself ".

He described what happens in the government file as "shameful by the Free Patriotic Movement and Minister Gebran Bassil to more than one party, especially to the Lebanese armed forces." He said that "the leader of the armed forces party, Dr. Samir Geagea, said days ago and should be told openly and clearly without attacking, one of them provoked the flow," add "that the Marab agreement, signed with the consent of the parties were clear about the share of the president of the republic and some are trying to bring the problem somewhere else and to create a contract for Sunnis or Christians or Druze. "

He said: "the flow calculates its share twice, and there are those who hinder the work of the nominee premier and then throw things at him, while Prime Minister tries to solve the problem and prevent friction between him and the president of the republic. . " "He is trying to create a contract for the Sunnis and the Christians and the Druze, while his main goal is to get the blocking third part of the government and deprive the troops of sovereign portfolios," he said.

He pointed out that "Minister Pierre Raffoul does not deny what has happened about visits to Syria and has met with the owner of the suspect with explosives, Michel Samaha, and has not denied the support of the Syrian regime to transfer the defense portfolio. Take in addition to what was reported about the Syrian prisons and objected to many of the Lebanese people, especially for what Syrian prisons represent in the memory of the Lebanese. "

He warned: "Lebanon is on the edge of the abyss and there is a threat to the Lebanese summit because of the delay in the formation of the government, which will negatively affect the results of the Cedar conference," some "in this atmosphere that he complains and creates problems with various Lebanese parties and ministers demands that they rise and not give a sovereign ministry For the troops. & # 39;

"There is a real chance that the Free Patriotic Movement is strong and Lebanon," he said, "recalling" the short period from the election of martyr President Bashir Gemayel to his murder, who has already witnessed the representation of the strong Lebanon. "Early."

In the field of electricity, he emphasized that "the ministers of armed forces want to secure electricity in a transparent plan, away from waste, theft and brokering", adding that "the issue of corruption is high in Lebanon".

He called on the president to convince Minister Bassil to facilitate the formation of the government to build the country, especially with the difficult economic situation in Lebanon and to stop the introduction of political parties with problems between them.

On the Lebanese-Syrian relations, Wakim split between "Syria as a state and the regime of Bashar al-Assad", which called for "first to form the government and then to discuss relations with Syria", adding that "the question of normalization is a new node that has been fabricated to delay the formation of the government. "

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