We refuse to give the free patriotic movement battalions

MP Wael Abu Faour said that the Russian position is a positive attitude to protecting the people of Jabal Al Arab in Syria, noting that the communication had cut off the destination that the Syrian regime wanted to reach there.

Abu Faour said that the internal situation in Lebanon had not been discussed and that Speaker Nabih Berri had contacted the leader of the Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, and informed him that he did not send the name of MP Anwar al-Khalil to the Minister of Hessa Jumblatt had offered, Hariri supports our position.

He said: "We refuse to give the Free Patriotic Movement the share that is claimed by, and there are 20 Christian delegates from outside the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Force and therefore they have to be represented by five preachers." "The failure of Hariri's first government and holding the presidential vacancy for two and a half years is not a good reference to talk about dropout."

Source: Kataeb.org

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