We refuse to subordinate Lebanon to Iran

Lebanese parliamentarian Nadim Gemayel, who refused to subject Lebanon to Iran, stressed that he and the Lebanese Phalange party, because they rejected every regional occupation of Lebanon, would not accept "the Iranian occupation".

This came in a speech from Gemayel during a festive mass marking on the occasion of the anniversary of the election of his father Bashir Gemayel as President of Lebanon in August 1982.

"We are fighting with the party that tries to impose its culture and identity on us and to lay its hands on the institutions of the Lebanese state," said Nadim Gemayel. "We have rejected the previous occupation and do not accept the Iranian occupation.

"I remind you of our resistance in the nineties, so we will not give up today and we will not sell our business from here and from there," he concluded.

It is noteworthy that Bashir Gemayel was assassinated in a mass bombardment on 14 September 1982 and before the execution of the presidential branch and assumed his duties as president of Lebanon.

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