We will address the problem of obtaining jobs in the state through patronage

"There are thousands of fictional jobs in Lebanon in the public sector, and there are thousands of graduates, engineers and vacationers who do not have a job because the crossings to public jobs are the biggest part," said Member of Parliament Hassan Fadlallah at a memorial service in Husseiniya in the southern town of Ainatha. , Is the intersection of the medium and Mahasobiat and "Lystat" and stand on the doors of deputies and ministers, parties and political leaders, and this destroys the public administration, because the employee depends and follow.

He asked: "Why is the entry of many citizens to the security services and others through the" Listat ", so that each political party and parties names and send to the relevant authorities, and why not trust the game and the exams fair and transparent in all sectors of the Lebanese state, "He said.

Fadlallah said: "We in the loyalty block of the resistance will tackle the issue of obtaining jobs in the Lebanese state through the wadi & # 39; s and others, because the employee can not remain in the public administration of one or the other So this issue will be essential to us as it was in the past, conditions that did not allow us to adopt binding laws as a result of the development of policies in the country and the disruption of most institutions.

"We want to have a management at the level of the state that serves all Lebanese citizens and is not fragmented and divided between groups, parties and political forces, only if we apply the principle of efficiency, integrity and serious investigations, even in the departments that need a sectarian balance which are very efficient and successful, and not a sign of priority, which is a heresy in some security agencies, since the Director General and the Council provide an extension, and this is not a right for him, especially as an employee and thus the regulatory institutions and the Council for civil servants and the rest of the institutions The central inspection to come to all departments, to search for the imaginary workers in most institutions of the Lebanese state, who have more than one job and a job have, and do not go to one of them In government hospitals and ministries and public institutions and water and electricity, there are employees who receive salaries from the pockets of the Lebanese population, They do not play their jobs. "

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