We will not accept the transformation of the democratic political system into a repressive political system

Arabic window The MP in the "Democratic Gathering" block Hadi Abulhassan said that the "Progressive Socialist Party" is not looking for battles or discounts from any of the parties or officials. "There are constants that we meet and differ on the basis of others, but not discussed. For us to accept the transformation of the Lebanese democratic political system into a repressive political regime."

"Freedom of expression and expression is protected by the Lebanese constitution and the constitution guard would like to apply his articles and articles, especially those relating to liberties," he told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Abulhassan stressed that "progressive socialist" categorically refuses to harm the dignity of the people, but what happens after the check requires the call to the media Marcel Ghanem, passing by many other journalists and activists, the latest Wadih Asmar, president of the Lebanese Center for Human Rights.

He added: "There is a specific team in the country that oppresses freedom of opinion and expression and through the judiciary takes a position or position regarding public affairs, which we can not accept under any circumstances."

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