What is the fact that Cesar Abi Khalil was prevented from entering his sand city?

According to social networking pages, the Minister of Energy and Water of the Caretaker government, Cesar Abi Khalil, prevented him from entering the sand city. The Lebanese Democratic Party (LDP) explained that the news is shameful.

The declaration of the Lebanese Democratic Party that the father Khalil visited the morning of the city sand and attended a Mass in the presence of Bishop Paul Matar and immediately after the Mass left where he was not scheduled to visit the mansion, and the statement that "if the visit to the mansion within the program income of the house Who wants and father of my father."

Mayor Sandal Nidal Salman in turn explained what had happened, and said in his statement: " The mass took place in the sand this morning in the presence of the bishop and Minister César Abi Khalil was scheduled bishop after the mass that ends at noon and specifically visits the bishop

. He added: "Abi Khalil went immediately after the mass gone and his participation was not planned to visit the mansion … the required clarification. "

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