What will be the weather at Eid al-Adha?

The meteorology department of the meteorology department of the Ministry of Civil Aviation predicted that the weather will be partly cloudy tomorrow with little temperature differences. The following bulletin states:

General situation: a stable summer weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

– Expect again in Lebanon:

Monday: Partly cloudy with temperatures stable and down on the highlands today and in the coming days.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with little change in temperature.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with a slight increase in temperature in some mountainous areas.

– Heat on the coast from 25 to 31 degrees, above the mountains from 16 to 24 degrees, in the cedar from 15 to 23 degrees, the inside from 17 to 33 degrees.

– Surface wind: Southwest, between 10 and 35 km / h.

– Altitude: generally good on the coast, the highlands deteriorate due to fog.

– Relative humidity on the coast between 60 and 80%.

– Sea state: moderate wave height, water surface temperature 30 degrees.

– Atmospheric pressure: 756 mm Hg.

Sunrise Time: 06: 04 Hours of the sunset:

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