When a security reference comes from its silence … Illegal crossings are the key to safety in the Bekaa

After a raid on Budai a few days ago that focused on farms and houses that were used to store Captagon and cannibalism by wanted persons. P. O. G., G. M. U. Day. M. It is possible to conclude that the Lebanese army resumed its security activity in Baalbek-Hermel after a weeks long security visit. The objective of the protection sources was to take into account the international festivals of Baalbek and create an atmosphere of calm in the region. . The presence of that without hesitation or fear of the reactions of the street, which may result from the prosecution of senior wanted persons, as happened in Brital after the qualitative operation in Al-Humoudiya, which resulted in the result of Ali Zaid Ismail requires 3114 arrest warrants for crimes of drugs and weapons and others.

if (isMobile) googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (& # 39; div-gpt-ad-news-under-image-m & # 39;);});} [19659003] "These specific operations against the most wanted terrorists and their illegal" rich "based on drugs, weapons, kidnapping for ransom and car theft ... are more than a task to maintain and control security," says a senior security source. "But every security plan in Baalbek Hermel does not take into account the treatment of the most prominent loophole in the region, will not achieve the intended objectives, the loophole of illegal crossings across the border with Syria, the number of 150 between Baalbek and Hermel exceed.There are tens of thousands of liters of petrol and diesel smuggled from Syria to the Lebanese market, imported into the Lebanese market.The most important and dangerous at these crossings, the process of their use by criminals to escape a persecution or robbery, and here it should be noted that the escape through the Syrian inside sometimes occurs during the robbery and sometimes before the takeover, A process to be carried out for his arrest An official source at the beginning of the story reveals the escape of a large number of wanted people in Syria during the past few weeks, when he had a security plan heard coming to the northern Bekaa, and since their names and crimes are generalized at the border crossings have legitimately taken over these illegal ferry crossings, and the other for the closure of some of them, but the largest number remains fluid and absent without a check.

All of the above, that is, addressing the security situation in the northern Bekaa and if it does not start with the full closure of the border, will serve as a sedative for the patient. Cancer, will not impose a safe healer who demands the establishment of the region, and does not make him the security of any other area in Lebanon, where the criminal is arrested forty-eight hours after committing the crime, and this is what we repeatedly and recently have heard in the words of the Minister of the Interior and Municipalities in the Government Business Advice No. The final proof of the above is how the army invaded the houses of the wanted men and their farms in Budai without finding wanted persons and without arresting them. Will the safety plan include illegal crossings and the need to close them?

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Source: Bulletin (Lebanon)

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