Yuri Morqadi condemns a racist attitude towards Syrians and veiled women in Lebanon

The owner of the song "Arabi Ana" later removed the video, to re-publish a new explanatory section on Tuesday, in which he pointed out that it caused "unintentional confusion and sectarian ostracism" among the people, apologized and confirmed that the purpose of her novel was not, but was focused on emphasizing the problem and finding solutions.

He also said that he had received a call from George Dakash, the mayor of Al-Aqiba, who told him that what a fellow worker said was a fabrication, and that the municipality's decision was only to "stick to bathing suits and swimming." of dogs. " Look for them to be punished.

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The most recent video was a sensation on Twitter, more than 95.5 thousand were seen and many said they supported Yuri Markadi and encouraged what they described as "the noble humanitarian situation." The Syrian singer Sahar Abu Sharouf wrote: "You are right, for your kindness and nobleness and your high ethics and to clarify, always and never to mention racism, religion and any country in which it specializes in bad positions of individuals and we forced to fight it "

Some have also emphasized that art is inextricably linked to humanity and that it is the duty of the true artist to take a clear stand on the issues involved. "You are very grateful for your humanity and for your ideals," said Osman Bakkaji. Between Lebanon and Syria despite the nose of the racists. "

"The Lebanese people are an authentic, dignified and hospitable people, but unfortunately some racist people are still insulting Lebanon and forging its reputation," he said.

In recent years, the phenomenon of the openly racist attitude towards the Syrians in Lebanon has unfortunately spread due to the increasing number of refugees fleeing the war, ranging from contemptuous and unjustified ridicule on television, such as Al-Jadida, statements by government officials such as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil, who previously confirmed his consent to give Lebanese women the nationality of her family "with the exception of the holders of Palestinian and Syrian nationality" and statements by artists expressing hatred against the Syrian presence in Lebanon , like Maya Diab and Nadine Al-Rassi, On Twitter: "Break us with good health"!

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