Achema, the small shareholder of the company, bought only the Park Town building, with the approval of the second

The company that is associated with the small shareholder of the Concern Achema Group UAB Tautydas Misinas has acquired the Park Town Building from the first business center and has agreed on the second with the developer UAB MG Valda.

Upon the sale of the building, the development of the Dutch Taxonomy and the management company informs about a message that is distributed on Monday. The transaction, the amount of which was not officially announced by the copper company, was announced by MG Valda on Friday. The company also provides an agreement on the sale of the second building under construction.

The business center Park Town is located in the streets Nikopol, Lviv and Gelei vilko.

As V says, Sigita Survilait-Mekionien, General Manager of the MG & # 39; s Board, The m plotopistate, known as West Hill, has already been transferred, but at the moment the buyer still has the possibility to choose the company for further asset management.

We are happy to announce, but the solution is the buyer, Mr. Survilaitė-Mekionienė.

She confirms that the contract for the sale of the second building, called East Hill, had been signed with that buyer.

The report states that legal advice in the Park Town transaction was provided by lawyer Sorainen and partners and by Ellex Valin and partners while they mediated NT Consulting at Newsec.

Shareholder of Achema Group

The contract for the purchase and sale of MG Valda Grupa, managed by MG Valda Group, owned by Pastat West Hill, was signed at PT West Ltd. in August. This information was registered in the real estate register. The owner of the building is still Dalton, but it is indicated that the property will be managed from September 14th. completion dates of the transaction.

PT West is managed by Viking 3. The company BNS is previously linked to the Dao family office of the Tautvydas Misino family of the small Achema group and PT is guided by his snus Vykintas.

Viking 3 is owned by Morbunk Estate, a Summ Capital company based in the United Kingdom and Viking Investments, a company in the United Kingdom. The latter is managed by Estonian Zenith capital management and the Luxembourg Dao AM under the same name in Lithuania.

Dao family office announces the management of investments and companies, which is the main investor in Misinim. Dao AM, a company based in Luxembourg, is introduced as a holding company that invests in various partners.

Dao AM also refers in Lithuania to the investment company Naujoji Elija ventojoje pltr, the shopping complex Nordika, the BOD group for the production of outlette technologies in Vilnius.

Viking 3 is also managed by PT East, presumably for the purchase of the Park Town Building for East Hill.

The amount can be up to 20 million. EUR

Linas Butkus, manager of the investment transaction of Realtum Advisors Ltd., a real estate company in V, argues that the newly built class A business center profit margin could currently be around 6%, and sq. m price of about 3,000 Eur sq. m.

For example, the buyer could pay approximately 21.6 million in the first building. Eur, while the second could be valued at 44.4 million. EUR.

On the other hand, according to p. Butkus depends a lot on tenant structures, average rents and their term.

If the average rent is even lower than the market, which is likely, the profitability of the stock market can be lower, because the seller can rush to the square. m prices on the market, t. y. when the market is offered for sale in a segment of this segment, a specialist says.

Since the second phase is only under construction and if there is only a few or no lease lease agreement, the price will most likely be determined according to a certain formula with the seller's obligation to reverse the plot. I think kv The price and profitability of the team will be given up, he adds.

End in 2019

The construction of the West Hill building was completed halfway through the year. According to MG Valdos, the whole area was invented. sikr IT services company Alna, employment agency Regus, Trans Eu Baltic company, Fortevento, Tieto Lietuva, Inventi and others.

14.800kv. The area of ​​the East Hill building that was launched last year should be completed next summer.

The A-class office at the Business Park includes conference rooms, a sports club, cafes, restaurants, a grocery store, a curtain shop and an open-air terrace for residents, a planned Japanese garden next to the building.

Park Town Business Park MG Valda invests 40 million. EUR.

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