After the dissatisfaction and confusion of the summer, Ryanair's pilots have agreed to the agreement

After a series of strikes this summer, the pilots of the low-flying airline Ryanair unanimously agreed to an agreement promising to improve working conditions, their union said Wednesday.

Pilots, members of the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA), supported the "pilot" agreement, informs IALPA in its statement.

Such an agreement was reached after discussions between pilots and company management.

"Today's results show that 100% pilots believe that such a proposal could be a first step towards a transparent and fair policy towards Ryanair pilots," the union said. – Although I have to admit that IALPA and Ryanair's connection have been strained lately, IALPA is committed to developing a mutual relationship with Ryanair on the basis of mutual respect and a common future, starting with this first collective agreement. "

Ryanair welcomed the final deal and added a review of the plans announced in July to reduce the Dublin Aircraft fleet for the upcoming winter season from 30 to 24 aircraft.

"We will now submit this agreement to the board and we will ask you to reconsider their decision to leave six aircraft in Dublin this winter," Ryanair said.

This decision was made shortly after last week, when the Italian pilots' union reached an agreement with Ryanair with striking attacks on better working conditions.

Last month, Ryanair pilots in Europe held a 24-hour strike and demanded higher salaries and better working conditions. Because of the strike, tens of thousands of passengers suffered great discomfort during the heat of the summer season.

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