Aston Martin will revive the legendary J. Bondo car

Aston Martin announced Monday the launch of 28 DB5 model cars – Aston Martin DB5 first appeared in the third film about the 007 Goldfinger secret agent (Goldfinger, 1964). He is considered the most famous of all cars from Bond.

The first cars will be important for the year 2020, according to the British company. Of the 28 Aston Martin to sell, there will be 25. The price per unit – 2.75 million. pound (EUR 3 million).

Like the movie bar, the new DB5 has some functions. According to the company's data, the car has rotating numbers, among other things. These and other technical elements have been developed in conjunction with films about the secret agent of special effects experts. It is unlikely that the hidden cars – like the "Auksapiršojums" – are in new cars.

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