AutoTears: which car brand was most frequently changed owner in September?

In September, Volkswagen (2.663 units), Audi (1.637 units) and Opel (1.888 units) were registered in the country. Volkswagen Passat (966 units), Volkswagen Golf (700 units) and Audi A6 (648 units) are among the models. The average age of used cars registered for the first time in Lithuania was 11.4 years. The share of diesel cars was 72.7%. (In September 2017 it was 74.7 percent).

Last month, a change in the operation of 23 141 second-hand car owners was carried out in Lithuania, that is 2.2 percent more than in September 2017 (22,638).

The number of private car dealerships (M1) was 22,475 and slightly commercial (N1) – 666.

Volkswagen Passat is available.

In September, Volkswagen (3,997), Audi (3 031) and BMW (2 231) cars were the owners of the most changed owners. The most common were Volkswagen Passat (1 503), Volkswagen Golf (1 066) and Audi A6 (1,000) model dealers.

The average age of the used car changed by the owner was 14.9 years.

2018. In the period from January to September, 140 483 passenger cars were first registered in Lithuania, i.e. 9.5 percent more than in the corresponding period in 2017 (128 & 336,3,36). Their average age was 11.8 years. The share of diesel vehicles was 74.1 percent this year. (last year – 74.8%).

In the first nine months of this year, the country spent 200,700
Used car dealers, i.e. 2.4 percent more than in the corresponding period in 2017 (196 043). This year, the average owner of the car changed from 15 years old.

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