Chinese company Huawei – the world's largest in 2018 seller of network equipment in the second quarter

The Chinese telecommunication giant, Huavei, has benefited from a favorable international situation this year and in 2018. In the second quarter, it became the world's largest online hardware supplier.

Data from Dell & # 39; Oro, a company that follows the industry, indicate that Huawei is the world's biggest concern when it comes to national security, despite the actual removal from the United States and the ban in Australia.

In North America, where sales are only based on transactions in Canada and Mexico, the Chinese company is in fourth place.

The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has increased its global share and is now the second.

According to Dell & # 39; Oro analyst Stefan Pongratzo, Ericsson was the only supplier from the first three, which increased its share in the second quarter, 1 percent. The Finnish company Nokia has remained the third, while the South Korean giant Samsung Electronics has circumvented the Chinese company ZTE and became the fourth largest seller of network equipment in the world. The reason is that the Chinese company began applying American sanctions in April this year, leading to a fall in sales.

In April, the United States banned domestic companies from selling ZTE components because it reportedly violated the sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

The US Department of Commerce, after the company agreed to deposit $ 400 million on a contingent account, raised restrictions in ZTE in July.

In the United States, the sales restrictions for Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE continue to apply.

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