Colleagues & fans were worried: Elon Musk became addicted to drugs?

Where do we know that Muscle is used by Ambien? He speaks openly. He recently said that he sometimes has to choose between a night's sleep or an Ambien dose. In the meantime doctors advise not to use these sleeping pills if they do not sleep for at least 7-8 hours. The Air Force of the United States indicates that no aircraft can be driven after using these drugs. And there are serious reasons for that.

Ambien tablets are associated with serious side effects. In addition to headache and mood swings, there are thoughts about suicide, going through sleep, weakened cognitive function and dizziness. Frequently used pills cause addiction and an overdose is coma or even death. Musk himself said in 2016: "I have learned a few lessons … for example, using Twitter after using Ambien is not wise."

When his fans asked why the head of Tesla and SpaceX at night had such a hard time, Musk reacted very briefly: "Probably because of Ambien." Muscle wrote the following year in Twitter: "A little red wine, old recordings, a little Ambien … and magic!" Some people do not use Ambien tablets for insomnia, but because they are stunned.

It is believed that Musk's message to Tesla's plans to produce socks, perhaps other more serious considerations about production plans, came to the world. The Swedish Tesla Club complained to Musk about the frequency and speaking too ambitiously in public, but Musk thought of such a criticism as Ambien.

But why does Muska use hypnotics and then intoxicated for social networks? These are two separate questions. First Musk recently revealed that he recently worked 120 hours a week. So more than 17 hours a day, even in the weekend. The rest is 7 o'clock, but does it all come from? Probably not, especially if it haunts so much stress. And he goes to social networks because he still can not fall asleep in the pace of his life and all kinds of thoughts get drunk.

But worries are not about Muski's words, but because of his health. Ambien can contribute to the idea of ​​suicide and even reduce the joy of life. In addition, there is always the possibility of developing addiction or doing something silly while walking through sleep.

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