Development of shopping centers: there are few new projects, but they invest in old ones

The retail space calculated per capita in Lithuania is growing more not as a result of enlargement, but as a result of the decline of the population, while the more active actions of market participants are only observed in the capital.

These findings were made by the NT-bureau "Ober-Haus" in his own research of shops.

The total area of ​​large supermarkets in Lithuania in 2018. in mid-2007 amounted to just over 1.1 million. sq. m or 392 sq.m. m per thousand inhabitants of the country, published in a distributed report.

Supermarkets with an area of ​​5000 square meters. m, and the number of tenants is greater than 10, has not increased significantly in recent years, but with a decrease in the number of inhabitants the acreage per head of the population has increased by 14.5% – in 2013. it reached 342 sq.m. m.

93% of large shopping centers are concentrated in five large metropolitan areas. According to Ober-Haus, in mid-2018 the total useful retail space in Vilnius was 453,000 square kilometers. m (827 m² per thousand inhabitants), in Kaunas – 248,000 m². m (860 sq.m. per thousand inhabitants of the city), in Klaipeda – 158,300 sq. km. m (1,063 square meters per thousand inhabitants), in Siauliai the total useful retail space was 109,700 square km. m (1,091 m² area per thousand inhabitants) and Panevezys – 55,600 m². m (627 m² per thousand inhabitants of the city).

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More action in the capital

The main trends in the marketing of goods, the Agency Name, are similar to last year this year: the existing trade networks are expanding and managers are investing in the renovation of old shopping centers.

Depo, the Latvian building materials and household goods store, the management of stores in Panevezys and Klaipėda, opened another 30,000 square. m area shop in Vilnius, between Lazdynai and Gariūnai. "Depo" is currently building another two – in the capital at Ukmerges str. and in Kaunas at the western ring road. It is expected that these stores will be opened at the end of the year or at the beginning of the other year. "Depo" plans also exist in Šiauliai ".

In the southern part of Vilnius, 5000 square meters are being built on the territory of VNO Business & Retail Park, developed by IKEA and Nordika Shopping Center. m total area for commercial purposes building. It is intended that at the end of this year the first French sports goods store Decathlon will be located in the Baltic states.

The company controlled by the "Ogmios" group plans to build a 60,000 square meter four-storey building in the municipality of Vilaitė. m of a total area of ​​the building, more than 30,000 square. The largest outlet center in Lithuania, a food operator, a sports club, a cinema, cafes and other tenants will be located in the trading area. The intention is that this shopping center will be opened at the end of next year.

"If this project is implemented according to plan, the larger traditional shopping center in Vilnius will be completed after more than three years' break," said Raimondas Reginis, director of Ober-Haus Market Research for the Baltic states.

The last time a larger shopping center was opened in mid-2016 (the second phase of the Nordica shopping center).

A larger shopping center is also planned in Klaipėda. Real estate developer VPH-controlled company in the vicinity of Šiaurės pr. and Liepu g. Crossroads are planning to build more than 20,000 square meters. m of the total area of ​​a commercial building. A more precise concept of the project and the conditions for development are not yet available to the public.

Invest in upgrade

Chain stores and supermarket managers are beginning to modernize a decade ago, or ten well-equipped shopping centers. Reconstructed in 1999 in Vilnius Mindaugo g. Maxima, this year – 2002 The first "Senukai" store in Ukmerges str. Was built.

"The leaders of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the country are also actively investing in the renovation of the existing retail space or even planning additional shopping centers," said Mr. Regine.

Mid 2017, in the shopping center "Panorama" in Vilnius, instead of a part of the administrative building 1,500 sq.m. People & # 39; s Fitness Club was founded in the m-area and in June of this year Gourmet Panorama, a gourmet food area with 20 new traders, was opened instead of the stores of Apranga, which was previously in operation. Similarly, in the plots next to "Panorama" there will also be plans for the construction of an outbuilding in which the cinema can also be located.

One of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Kaunas, "Acropolis", also offers significant investments. It is announced that this supermarket will be renovated for about 10,000 square. m area, and investments will amount to 10 million. EUR. This year it was announced about the renewal of the Vilnius Acropolis, which plans to invest around 14 million. EUR.

Rental prices are stable

According to data from the Lithuanian Ministry of Statistics, retail sales in Lithuania (excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles) increased by 9.0% in the first half of 2018 compared to the first half of 2017.

"Despite the country's continued growth in retail sales volumes and a very low level of vacant properties, both in the main metropolitan shopping centers and in the most popular shopping streets, the total rental level in the metropolitan areas of the country remained stable", p. Regine.

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In Vilnius supermarkets average prices, renting 150-300 square. m area properties, in the middle of this year amounted to 25 Eur / sq. m, says Ober-Haus. At the end of last year they did not like it (24.9 Eur / m² M).

In the main shopping streets of Vilnius (Gedimino Pr., Pilis St., Didžioji g., Vokiečių g.), Where it is not easy to find free trade areas, the overall price level has not changed in this half year and the price range remains quite broad and medium-sized (about 100-300 m² M) rents for commercial buildings is 17.0-45.0 Eur / sq. M. m. In the rest of the big cities of the country the rents also remained at a comparable price level as at the end of 2017: in Kaunas – 11.0-19.0 Eur / sq. m, in Klaipeda – 9.0 to 15.0 Eur / m². m, in Šiauliai and Panevėžys – 6,0-11,0 Eur / m². m.

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