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Lietuvos energija gamyba, belonging to the "Lietuvos energija" group, during the first year of 2018. less electricity produced in the first half of the year than in the same period last year. Stock market prices, however, generated fairly high wholesale electricity prices and, finally, the company's revenues and profitability remained relatively stable.

2018. January-February. A large amount of water collected in the river Nemunas. This improved the conditions for the production of Kaunas A. Brazauskas HE, but the country was hit by the cold and hydropower production compared to 2017. In March, it fell sharply. In April, due to a slight increase, the production of this power plant began to decline again in May and June as a result of flooding in hot and dry weather. Total in 2018 6 months Kaunas A. Brazauskas HE produced 4% less electricity than in 2017 6 months (232 GWh and 241 GWh respectively).

As a result of the planned repair of the second unit of the HPP of Kruonis, which began in February. and lasted the entire next reporting period (end of July), in 2018. 6 months sold 11% less electricity produced in this power plant than in 2017. 6 months (respectively 204 GWh and 228 GWh).

Suitable conditions for the production of the combined cycle block in the ElektrÄnai complex were only formed in March, when the whole of Scandinavia and the Baltic states clogged the cold weather, resulting in increased electricity consumption and a significant reduction in the production of wind turbines. At that moment, 8 GWh of electricity was generated within a few days (79 GWh was produced in 2017 for 6 months).

Total in the controlled power plants of the company in 2018 6 months 444 GWh electricity was produced and sold – 19%. less than in 2017 6 months 549 GWh).

"Although we produced less, in 2018, the first half of the year was marked by a number of exceptional events: for the first time in the history of the power plant, the revision of the HP Hydroelectric unit of Kruonis took place and in the early spring we seamlessly integrated Vilnius' third combined heat and power plant, which became the fourth power plant we have managed, and are currently evaluating alternatives for future use, "said Eglė Čiužaitė, Chairman and CEO of the Lithuanian Energy Production Board. […]

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