Every Tele2 employee is the ambassador of the company

A few years ago a Kantar TNS survey on employee involvement showed that only 13% Lithuanians describe themselves as loyal to the company in which they work. Tele2, however, seems to feel differently. Some have been working here since the beginning of the company and have already become Tele2 ambassadors in their cities.

"We have long-term employees in almost every region – they become Tele2 ambassadors in their cities and we are proud of them and we are grateful for the loyalty of these employees – for us this is the best proof that we have the right This means that our efforts to care for our employees do not go away for nothing, "said Vaida Burnickiene, Manager Marketing at Tele2.

Satisfied employee = satisfied customer

According to the sales manager of Tele2, employees who love their work not only feel happier, they can also help the company achieve better results.

"A motivated and self-evaluating employee is more involved in the company's business, genuinely focuses on customer needs, and customers feel and appreciate it," said V. Burnickienė.

That is why, according to V. Burnickienė, it is important to take care of each of his employees without exception.

"We want every team member to have the same growth opportunities, which is why we are constantly organizing training and seminars – from professional to personal development, where the knowledge gained is also beneficial for work," said V. Burnickienė.

Salary – one of the largest

According to Tele2's marketing manager, it is not only important to enable employees to constantly learn, improve, but also to secure their earnings.

"Our company is distinguished by a salary system – wage earners have no ceiling.Only from the personal efforts and choices of the employee depends on what amount he will see on his account every month", – said V. Burnickienė.

The portal "vz.lt" announces that Tele2 is the most profitable telecommunications company in Lithuania and that the paid salaries of the company are the highest compared to its competitors.

According to V. Burnickienė, the salaries of people who work in "Tele2" salons are related to sales, but they are not only vendors but also technologists.

"In our teams, employees who are curious, want to work and innovate are right now." The salons in the salons are the first to be aware of the latest innovations and test equipment before they enter the market ", according to Tele2 sales manager. .

A poll from Tele2 has shown that even three-quarters of them would recommend their friends at their workplace.

International studies also show high satisfaction. According to the Aon Hewitt method, the operator was recognized as the best employer in the Baltic states. This prize won Tele2 for the second time.

How to become a member of Tele2?

If you are interested in technology and you dare to take on new challenges, Tele2 invites you to test your strength and take part in job vacancies. You can learn more about career opportunities at https://karjera.tele2.lt/.

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