Harley-Davidson was full of news for 2019 models for all needs

The power of the new Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 motorcycle brings the vanguard of the 2019 manufacturer's premiere: new motorcycles, accessories and outfits that radiate new design and advanced technology.

Less than a month ago, Harley-Davidson unveiled plans to build motorcycles for new segments and to improve the heaviest Cruise and Cruise models. Now the company is introducing a new product line that will inspire people around the world to experience what it means to drive with Harley-Davidson.

"Innovation includes all new products we offer for 2019. Innovations in design, technology and power will inspire fans of this manufacturer and new generation motorcyclists to enjoy the freedom of the engine," said Harriet-Davidson Marketing Vice President Heather Malenshek.

Understand immediately

  • The new FXDR 114 comes in at 1868 cubic meters. cm Milwaukee-eight engine power
  • 1868 cu. The Milwaukee Eight engine is mounted on certain Touring models.
  • Improved model equipment of the Trike series and 1868 cubic meters. cm Milwaukee-Eight engines
  • A brand new, faster and clearer information system with the Apple CarPlay service
  • The CVO series has new colors and premium sound system
  • The new line-up of the original accessories has been updated and the new FXRF Touring / Urban clothing line

2019 FXDR 114

The FXDR 114 offers strength and no compromise. The new power cruiser motorcycle gives the Harley-Davidson motorcycle a whole new power. It features Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine power and lightweight construction of aluminum and composite elements. The new aluminum rear fork, frame, lightweight wheels and composite mudguards ensure precise and dynamic driving characteristics.

The FXDR 114 has the most powerful engine in the entire Softail range of motorcycles. The V-shaped Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine delivers a torque of 161 Nm at 3,500 rpm. Strong and sturdy Softail chassis and high-quality suspension elements will give the experienced motorcyclists breathtaking accuracy, both in and out of the city's current. The FXDR 114 has a maximum angle of inclination for all Softail motorcycles.

The rear wing is designed to fit on an extremely wide 240 mm rear tire. During the shock, it moves with the entire wheel. So when the FXDR 114 is driving, the wheel does not seem to be visible.

Irmart Gelun / 15min Photo / Harry Davidson 2018 Model Trial

Irmart Gelun / 15min Photo / Harry Davidson 2018 Model Trial

2019 Touring and Trike motorcycles

Harley-Davidson continues to refine its Touring and Trike models and uses technologies that take power, functionality and style to a higher level.

New Boom! The Box GTS information system for the Touring and Trike series motorcycles offers the latest functionality for the car and smartphone. It also has durability and motorcycles. It now has an Apple CarPlay service and voice recognition function (when using the original Harley-Davidson microphone).

"Trike" system for motorcycle series

The new Reflex Linked Brake 2019 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler tricycles combine anti-lock braking systems ABS, TCS traction control, DSCS powertrain and interconnected front and rear brakes. These functions work together and give the motorcyclist more confidence.

The new, powerful Harley-Davidson Touring suspension has significantly improved the quality of the 2019 Tri-Glide Ultra and Freewheeler ride thanks to the simple adjustment.

Scanpix / AP Photo / Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Scanpix / AP Photo / Harley-Davidson motorcycle

1868 cu. cm Milwaukee-Eight engines

Certain 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles will be powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. This 1868 cu. The cm of the work volume motor is the largest standard motor proposed by the manufacturer. It features a sharp acceleration and high power.

2019 Limited Edition CVO series

The three limited edition Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) motorcycles are distinguished by their stunning looks, advanced technology, exclusive components and great attention to detail. The extremely powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine is only mounted on CVO models, while the new Boom! The Box GTS information system is standard in every 2019 CVO model equipment.

The CVO Limited model from 2019 is for a motorcyclist who expects luxury, strength, functionality and style. This is a convenient and luxurious CVO Limited model for long trips.

The CVO Street Glide model from 2019 is a sharp, customized, powerful motorcycle with a striking premium sound system.

The 20100 CVO Road Glide model combines a distinctive and threatening style with long travel comfort. This is a powerful travel engine for long journeys and night rides.

2019 Accessories

The original accessories of the Harley-Davidson original engine accessories have been developed by the manufacturer in combination with new motorcycle models. In this way all elements are perfectly fixed, fit perfectly and meet the original standards. You can select and place these accessories at Harley-Davidson Representative Offices.

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Harley-Davidson motorcycle

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Harley-Davidson motorcycle

The most prominent innovations of the 2019 season

New – 7 inch Daymaker adjustable LED lights. They have patented sensors and integrated electronics that change the angle of light when cornering on a motorcycle. This is the way to illuminate road sections where conventional LED lights can not light up.

The upgrade elements of the Screamin Eagle engine are designed to increase torque and power by eliminating all hypotheses and errors usually associated with engine modifications. The new 4.5-inch Screamin Eagle silencer for the Sport Glide model makes it possible to adjust all 4 Screamin Eagle stages. With the new crankshaft you can look into the engine. It is powder coated and has 107, 114 or 117 markings.

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