Italian biotechnologists chose Lithuanians who make medical devices

Founded in the "Science and Technology Park" of the Kaunas Science and Technology Park, a new, hands-shaking device called "Vilim Ball", Fidens was selected as one of the most promising and winner of the Open Accelerator activities in Milan, the Italian biotech. The device that returned to patients with emotional tremor for the whole life is amazed by the famous Italian pharmaceutical and chemical industry company Zambon. Of the 78 companies and research groups that have offered innovative solutions for the central nervous system and respiratory diseases, biotech companies have included the Fidens team that made this device in the top twelve.

Hand shaker
Hand shaker "Vilim Ball"

Direction – high level neurology

"Italians are one of the strongest developers and developers of medical devices and they can successfully introduce their products to the market The Italian local market is large and spacious – most of the notified bodies in the country and certified by the certification authority are there I hope that the acceleration activities in our case accelerate the certification processes and give you better access to the Southern European market and attract additional investments, "says Dr Fidens, MD. Mantas Venslauskas.

The developer of the medical device, which has been welcomed on the American market and has already been sold in Lithuania, hopes that the program will help create the connections needed for the introduction of the "Vilim Ball" device on the Italian market. market. Kaunas, together with his team engineers, is planning to consult a team of high-level specialists in neurology in Italy.

Together with the development of the device, the developers will try to increase their effectiveness and thus further reduce the risk of handshake and stagnation with the help of therapy: "At the moment the tennis ball with his hands reduces the earthquake by an average of 50%, but he carries 80% of patients, so we can not help the rest of the fifth, and we will try to improve some of these indicators, which should be supported by the currently installed diagnostic function. "

The "Zambon Group" group is ready to work on product development technologies and medical problems in the accelerator of Open Accelerator, Deloitte International will advise on business issues and Bird & Bird will present legal aspects.

Accelerator helped to get acquainted with the American market

Business development program of 12 weeks with a value of more than 50 thousand. The euro starts in September and at the end of the program all teams will claim 100,000. euro investment. The teams participating in the program will be given the opportunity to enter into long-term cooperation with Zambon as a strategic partner, will be able to work for free in accelerator rooms, use laboratories and work with highly qualified and competent specialists.

Invited for the Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Dr. Three years ago, Mr. Venslaus was involved in the American RocketSpace accelerator program for access to the details of the delivery of medical devices to the US market, the Food and Drug Administration of American (FDA) certification. A researcher who founded his own company said that such experience was useful and showed the first steps in preparing the medical device to enter the US market.

Company accelerators can provide the most necessary acceleration for the start-up company, and in recent years they have become increasingly diverse, more specialized, not only in information technology, the persuaded manager of MB Fidens. He thinks it's a good experience for creators, especially when they're planning to work in foreign markets, but it's just as important to do homework before they're looking for growth opportunities.

"First of all, it is important to find the accelerator that corresponds to the product of the product, then both parties will be more interested." It is also important to know what the minimum requirements are for a company acceleration program and whether you can use your product. meet: it can be a prototype, idea, patent, first sale or another, it is also necessary to have an abridged version of the business plan that reflects the most important aspects.You should give a concise, concise indication that you market understands, the demand for the product in it and you know how to reach your goals and of course it is important to mention what you have done up to now, what you can boast about and what the immediate goals and ambitions are, " notes Dr. M. Venslauskas.

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