Kia Motors has developed a sound system that isolates the driver and passengers

The SZ technology creates separate acoustic zones in the car, allowing the driver and each passenger to be individually insulated acoustically. Many of the speakers installed in the car use the principles that the scientists have found to regulate (reduce or increase) certain sound levels and certain sound waves. This makes it possible to distinguish between sounds that can be heard by seated passengers on separate seats and that are completely isolated from each other. A similar principle is currently being used for headphones with noise canceling systems.

VIDEO: [HMG TV] Hyundai · KIA Future Technology – SSZ, Separated Sound Zone

"When the era of autonomous cars starts, people traveling in cars will have more and more opportunities to make their journey as comfortable and interesting as possible, and such technological innovations as the SSZ system will even most demanding consumer needs, "says Kang-Duck Ih, a researcher at the NVH Research Institute of the KIA Corporation.

The taste of human music varies enormously. Some use headphones to prevent the audience listening to their favorite music, but it also raises unnecessary social barriers because it is impossible to communicate with those who hang out. If you are traveling with a car equipped with SSZ technology, each passenger would be able to connect to the phone using Bluetooth technology and be able to listen to his favorite music without disturbing others, while others would not to disturb.

With the SSZ technology, you can also use hands-free devices without interrupting others and ensuring the privacy of calls.

Moreover, this technology does not allow passengers to hear sounds that are essential to the driver. For example, the commands from the navigation system, different warnings and vehicle status information, etc. The driver will be able to hear them, but at the same time passengers can enjoy silence or listen to their music without interruption. This is especially important if, for example, you carry a sleeping baby in your car. It can create a zone of total peace and tranquility.

The SSZ technology was developed from 2014 and at least two years have elapsed before the full version is ready for production.

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