Launches from a holiday abroad: what to do with risk AINA

Waiting for a holiday abroad can not only be happy, but also become a real headache. The insurers point out that Lithuanian travelers are still not overwhelmed by the temptation to come from the territory of the United States for illegal transport of items, the transport of perishable or improperly packaged food and to ignore the rules for the transport of liquids.

"Springs for family members are an integral part of foreign travel." Most Lithuanian travelers are aware and choose the waiting areas for homeowners who do not cause problems when they fly home, but practice shows that some people still carry their luggage with them. the forbidden way to transport items that carry food, drinks or souvenirs from the sea, "says Vytautas Endrijaitis, Senior Expert of the Travel and Personal Complaints Department of the insurance company Gjensidige.

According to him, shells, corals, different stones, plants, small animals or their fossils at the airport are always a matter for customs officers. "Slabs of stone or stone from historical places can not be transported to the house either: foreign countries have serious restrictions on the survival of nature and cultural heritage, so all these things from travelers will be confiscated and a fine can be imposed For their transport, practice shows that people usually want such souvenirs from Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and Israel, rather do not take any risks and just take a picture of your favorite things for memory ", – advised a representative of the insurance company.

According to the insurer, travelers who travel abroad with hand luggage are the most commonly used liquids, cosmetics and beverages that have been seized over 100 milliliters.

V. Andrérytis also drew attention to waiting rooms that could damage the luggage. "Some of the most popular items for family members are local foods and beverages, people are fascinated by their tastes and want to bring along such products that can not be bought in our country, often missing their risk of transportation. and fish products to fly home is not recommended, due to inadequate storage conditions, they break down quickly and can even shatter after they have been packaged, and until you reach the house, these waiting rooms will probably just be thrown away and will leave an unpleasant odor. and other things in the luggage around them damage, "- warned the insurer.

According to the person and travel injury expert, in the United States, Australia and several other countries, the transportation of food in luggage is completely prohibited.

According to V. Endrijicis, each state has its own requirements, which indicate how much and what can not be transported on arrival and departure. "There are well-known rules for airlines, you must also familiarize yourself with the specific foreign policy of the baggage policy before the trip, and if you decide to carry alcoholic beverages or tobacco, you must check the amount of them safely", – said the insurer.

He advised waitresses to buy unaffected candies, souvenir accessories or, as usual, a pleasant little thing – a magnet, a postcard, a T-shirt with a symbol of the country or city. "Traditional souvenirs are the safest option.We note that people who travel with hand luggage are increasingly buying house-lettering cards from outside and lagamis save space", – explains V.Endriaitis.

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