One car family in Lithuania is no longer enough?

A third of the population aged 18-55 years travels a car purchased a year ago and every second resident is considering buying a car in the near future.

The focus is on pricing, security functions, ease of use and operating costs when choosing a car. Less attention is paid to the manufacturer, the design and the body color. These results were revealed by a population survey in Lithuania and other Baltic states.

The Norstat survey showed that Lithuanian residents will sooner buy cars during the economic boom. Moreover, families in Lithuania do not acquire the first, but the second or third car in recent years, so that each family member can enjoy more freedom of movement and convenience.

An investigation by SEB bankas in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has shown that households in Lithuania often have several cars. According to this indicator, Lithuania belongs to the three Baltic States: there are several cars in the household, indicated by 43%. participants in the research from Lithuania. In Estonia, several cars have 34%. of households, and in Latvia – 22 percent. It is in Latvia that families usually share one car – 61 percent in this country. households have respectively one vehicle in Estonia – 55 percent and in Lithuania – 49 percent.

Families in Lithuania have not received the first but the second or third car in recent years, so that each family member can enjoy more freedom of movement and convenience.

Vaidas Žagūnis, a member of the board of directors of SEB Bank, Director Retail Banking, notes that data from the first half of the lease contracts show that the choice of the Lithuanian population is influenced by the prevailing car models in Western Europe. "The wave of popularity of SUV models has reached Lithuania, with brands such as Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4 or Toyota C-HR, and if we compare our market with Estonia, we would find that there is a different kind of settlement, with Scandinavian specific rationality.An economist buys more economy class cars and looks for a non-prestigious brand, while he buys a new and comfortable car for a favorable price and leasing, for example Renault Clio , Škoda Octavia, Toyota Avensis, – says V. Žagonis.

According to V. Jagunius, the car market has been very active in all Baltic states in recent years. "As the economy grows and the purchasing power of people increases, people spend more money on improving their quality of life by investing in large purchases.The car in this shopping list is one of the first," says Retail Banking Director of SEB Bank. The study confirmed that the vehicle is very important to most people because it meets individual and family needs. V. Jagun notes that residents increasingly choose to lease to buy a better car. "Leasing services are very important and have a significant impact on the sales volume of cars." Residents can lease cars, not only from official car dealers and from dealers of used cars selected by the bank, but also from natural persons and other companies that sell cars, "said V. agonis.

When half of the respondents in Lithuania answered the question that they were planning to buy a car, he claimed that they would have another vehicle at least two years later. Only a quarter of the participants in the survey in Lithuania indicated that they do not intend to buy a car. In Latvia, the car did not include 32 percent of the shopping list. of the respondents, in Estonia – 36 percent.

The inhabitants of Lithuania have indicated that the safety of the car is the most important priority for them – this function was very important for 3 of the 4 participants in the survey. The same percentage of respondents indicated the price as a very important topic.

More than half (54%) of respondents in Lithuania are important in terms of space and comfort. Nevertheless, less than a third (29%) of the design and the manufacturer received the car, the color of the car in the list of priorities was even lower – only 11% indicated the color as a very important feature. of the population.

Almost two-thirds of respondents in Lithuania pay a lot of attention to the costs of car operation and fuel consumption. And the fuel type as a criterion of the car was very important for every other person – this is in line with the general trend: diesel cars in Lithuania are three times more than diesel cars that only use petrol. Diesel is cheaper than petrol, which means that diesel cars are used by the population to save money.

V. Žagūnis points out that a third of the people who participated in the Lithuanian survey indicated that they had bought the car a year ago. The same number of respondents mentioned that the vehicle appeared in their household two or three years ago. "It is clear that Lithuanian transport has been renewed in recent years, and the study showed that similar changes are taking place in Latvia and Estonia." The sales volume of new and used cars has increased steadily in recent years in the region, which also reflects the positive mood and expectations of the population, "said V. Žagonis.

The study was conducted by the Norstat Market Research Company in June and July. In Lithuania, 1028 respondents between 18 and 55 were interviewed.

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