Only electronic vignettes remained in Lithuania

published: 2018-08-22 17:36


Electronic purchase form for vignettes. Picture by Linas Butkus (V)

Several directorates of the Lithuanian car inform that from 21 August only electronic multiple tax vignettes will be distributed in Lithuania.

It turns out that the electronic finjet is launched in 2018. At the end of February and until now there was a transitional period during which it was possible to buy both paper and electronic wines. The LACD reports that the paper finjet is valid until the date of their wage mat.

Electronic vignettes are available on special websites and in locations with poor paper distribution.

It is announced that the electronic payment system has many advantages: first, it allows the driver to determine the period of validity of the tax. In addition, buying Vinjet drivers does not have to go to petrol stations or other VinJee outlets. The sticker on the vehicle is also not checked by the registration number of the vehicle.

The LRAD notes that different Vinjet users, depending on the vehicle category and class indicated in the document confirming the registration of the motor vehicle, and, in the absence of a vehicle category and class, depending on the maximum number of available vehicles and / or seats . The classification and codes for the vehicles are given in the category and class of the motor vehicle and its trailers in accordance with the design requirements.

Already in 2019, We are planning to replace the new system with a new system that will not be used for a few days, but you will not be distracted. The preliminary calculations show that this will increase the amount of the tax-deductible company cars.

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