Pre-commercial Review of US markets (08.22)

During the evening session, the main American stock index S & P managed to achieve 500 record highs of all time, the truth is that they stayed longer and were not successful. From yesterday close to a record only 0.3%. Nasdaq remains a record of 1%, while Dow Jones is 3% behind. The Russell 200 Index, formed by smaller capex companies, also broke the record yesterday at a record high of 1.1%. This persistent bull market has become the longest in history and seems to have no end to the end.

Investors are still optimistic about the renegotiation of trade negotiations between the United States and China, and the upcoming quarterly results of companies that go further than expected continue to do so. It is true that today's pre-commercial session does not promise new records. Shares are not scarce. This is largely influenced by political passions in the United States. Former Chairman D. Shortly after the presidential election, Mr. Manaforth was found guilty of violating laws, including tax-related offenses. In the meantime, former D. Short Advocate M. Cohen himself admitted that he had violated the financing laws of the election company, in fact with a brief statement from D.

MKM Partners has today updated target price limits for a number of subsequent companies. According to MKM Partners, the target price for the Sportify campaign is $ 245 ($ 200), the US retailer Kohl – $ 81 ($ 63), Netflix $ 395 ($ 390), Amazon $ 2,215 ($ 1,840). The end date of the FED meeting will also be released tonight and on Friday the head of the central bank will read J. Powell. Market parties hope to hear FED's views on disagreements between the US and China and how the crisis in Turkey may affect other emerging markets. We will also be able to estimate the sale in July of non-residential properties and the oil stocks of last week.

Asian investor sentiment was changing today. Nikkei 225 achieves a profit of almost 0.6%. The mood in China was less positive. The Shanghai index fell by 0.7%, in fact the shares in Hong Kong increased slightly more than 0.6%. The Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian trade fairs are closed due to the holidays. The index of N. Zeeland was also up and down of the record. This was partly due to the announcement of significantly better than expected sales by retailers in the country. In the second quarter of this year, compared to the first, they grew by 1.1%. Economists predicted only 0.4% more sales. Sales of hardware, building and horticultural products grew most strongly. Consumption of food and drink also grew. After the news, New Zealand jumped, still a course.

Today's European indices are mostly colored green. Admittedly, the changes of many of them are not too big. The shares of France and the United Kingdom are the most expensive. The most important Italian index is barely in the positive zone. The sectors are distinguished by the financial sector. Export to many banks. Brexit again attracted investors. Many market players are increasingly worried that the United Kingdom can leave the EU without an agreement between the two parties. The talks had continued yesterday, while the Minister of Brech, Mr Raab himself, tried to bring peace, who said he believed that an agreement would be reached and negotiations would continue until the end.

The shares of the Belgian pharmaceutical company Argenx stand out among the prices of individual companies. The company announced that the American apothecary AbbVie will use the opportunity to develop and market one of the Argenx experimental drugs. According to Reuters, sales could amount to 625 million. USD. The shares of the Dutch company Adyen are also rising. This company offers electronic payment services, which are used by companies such as Facebook and Netflix. Adyen announced that the profit in the first half of this year increased by 75% to 48.2 million compared to the same period last year. EUR. Sales grew 67% at a rate of up to 156.4 million. EUR.

Meanwhile, the price of the manufacturer of the Continental car equipment drops sharply. Due to the increased costs, the company expects lower revenues and profits this year. It is expected that approximately EUR 45 billion will be generated around 20150. EUR sales, while the adjusted profit margin should be around 9%. So far, it was estimated that sales would reach 46 billion. EUR, adjusted profit margin – 10%.

Oil is heavily priced. The STI oil price rose above the $ 67 / bar limit. This was largely influenced by the prediction of the American Fuel Institute yesterday on American oil reserves last week. The expectation is that they will decrease by 5.17 million. barrels. Other analysts only expect 1.6 million. barrels fall. Today we will also be able to evaluate official statistics. Last week, market participants were surprised by 6.8 million. increased stock of barrels. According to Reuters, the United States plans to use approximately $ 11 million in sanctions against Iran. barrels of oil from your strategic fuel reserve. The dollar continues to decline. The DXY index value has dropped to the 95-point limit. Many market parties regard this limit as a strong support, which can not be expected to see a stronger fall of the dollar.

Today we will be able to evaluate the report of the last FED meeting. In addition, the sale of non-new homes will be announced and US oil stocks last week. Tomorrow, tomorrow, indexes of services and manufacturing sectors will appear in the US, the euro area, Germany and France. The report of the last meeting of the ECB will also be made public. In the US, the number of unemployed applications will be standardized. Finally, at the end of the week, we will learn American data on orders for durable goods.

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