Survey: when shopping for goods on social networks

Published: 18-08-2012 21:15

  Alberto Gea (

Alberto Gea (Reuters)

59% of Lithuanians do not need the right goods in the system, they go directly to the electronic shop of inom and buy there. Those who choose to package the product do so on social networks, according to a survey by an analyst of the e-shopper barometer report Global.

Online shoppers are on the verge of shopping for them in an online store where their desired merchandise is immediately stored. According to the survey, 6% of users are imported into Lithuania, and more than 8% in Europe.

Gabrielius Bilevičius, a sales and marketing manager for the Baltic states, who is proud to be DPD Lithuania, said that today it is crucial to develop and strengthen its products so that consumers can potentially purchase goods that are related to them. can demand. If the product is not strong on the envelope, despite the distinctive feature of the silo, users can shop electronically and do not turn around.

The fact that consumers find goods using social networks and clips in the online store is diverted directly to them is a growing trend. According to the survey data, approximately 6% of e-shops for social networks and 5% of internet purchases in Europe are reported by the e-shopper barometer report Global. The DPD team has done research on behalf of Kantar TNS. 2017. Polls surveys 24,871 in 22 European countries in July and polls in 821 people in Lithuania.

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