The daughter of a lost family in the tragic accident of Toyota has taken action

The decisive Toyota CH-R crash occurred while driving along the roads of the Kupiskis district. For about three thousand The kilometer of a car that went off the sidewalk, yanked with deer. Driving this car, V. Šleikas, got out and kicked the car. The man had no control over the car, slid to the pavement, worked, the passenger side hit the concrete side of the slope of the former stream. During the crash, none of the 8 new CH-R models were equipped with safety cushions.

Viktoria did not survive the man & # 39; s daughter, sitting in front of her passenger seat. The physician's conclusion is a broken skull. A man who had talked to DELFI a week ago had the possibility that a daughter could have saved curtains with safety curtains that had to escape at the point where the head of the daughter met the accident.

Toyota will help investigate

Ričardas Užolas, lawyer of V. Šleikaus, told DELFI that the meeting took place on the initiative of representatives of Toyota. This came from Toyota expert from Belgium, as well as two Toyota Baltic AS importers from the Baltic states from Estonia.

"They invited us to talk about how they could participate in this event, and as they said, it's important to them both from the human side and from the side of the group, but it's very important to find out. come why someone died and this happened, "said R. Užolas.

According to a lawyer Toyota representatives have promised that every effort will be made to investigate the case and they have shown their willingness to participate in the investigation and to contribute to the explanation why the car's safety cushions have not been released. .

One expert has already found it

As an advocate for the family of a daughter, DELFI said to date that the car with which the accident happened is in the hands of the Lithuanian police.

"First and foremost, the car has to be inspected by a police investigator, after which we ask the public prosecutor to give him the opportunity and conditions for our experts to take part in the expert investigation," explains R. Užolas.

He emphasized the willingness to hire independent experts. One of the recruited experts should come from Sweden according to the lawyer. The family also agreed with a Lithuanian expert who, according to the lawyer, has the necessary experience in this area.

According to R. Užolo, V. Šleikus would first find the truth.

"I want to establish the truth, as V. Šleikis says, whatever it is he wants to do because of his daughter's memory-another time-strange to him, how could these safety cushions not be released? stroke was sufficient and not one, "- noted a member of the affected family.

It takes at least half a year

According to R. Užolo it is hardly possible to find answers to all questions quickly. According to a specialist, although the preliminary investigation has already begun, the process can take at least half a year.

"We may have to extend the deadline, because everything is only done on the basis of expertise, and here it is the intention to use more than one expert, it will take some time for everyone", – the lawyer did not hide.

He hoped that by sending a request to the public prosecutor this week a broken car would be seen by experts.

Mr. V. Šleikus, who has mentioned earlier, plans to go with the whole family to Sweden. He did not have such plans until the disaster, but after a loss he wanted to take a son to study at a university in Vilnius and move to another country.

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