The fast-growing "Kauno Baldai" modernized production

Kauno Baldai, a company that quickly invaded the ranks of European soft furniture makers, has completed a new modernization phase of the best-selling artist. Western European and Scandinavian markets have invested nearly 250,000 in their furniture collections. Euro to a new foam cutting center and automated textile cutting line.

"Increased production volumes are worth looking for new solutions and production capabilities.We, like this fast-growing teenager, have grown everything," said Arvydas Šegžda, production manager for Kauno baldai.

In the first half of this year, the turnover of Kauno Baldai increased by 26.9 percent to 8 million. The production volume is already planned for 2019, according to factory director Tomas Mauricas.

"New equipment has significantly increased our production speed and volume." The new foam cutting center fits the three previously mounted devices, while extremely modern equipment accurately distributes different types of details, saving time and reducing the workload of employees instead of the previous two shifts. , we now all believe in one and work in other places with higher added value ", – A. Šegžda told about the advantages of the new equipment.

According to Kauno baldų production manager, the company was looking for the most modern and technologically advanced equipment.

"By investing in technology, the factory can grow, increasing production volumes, but reducing routine work for people The main advantage of our collective is creativity, creating new furniture collections that have conquered homes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavian countries , and the time saved by people comes back with new ideas and products, "said T. Mauric, a member of the Kauno Baldų Group.

The new equipment purchased by "Kauno baldai" is the most modern available on the market today.

For example, an automated textile cutting line can cut 25 of the 13 textile layers before it is cut to 25 millimeters.

"If we cut heavier fabrics and synthetic leather, the advantages of the chosen line are very useful: cooling and lubrication of the cutting blade and other functions," said A. Šegžda, production manager for Kauno baldai.

"Kauno baldai" exports almost all of its products. In the past, Kaunas Factory, which produced furniture from other companies, decided a few years ago to choose a different strategy and to concentrate on the creation and sale of its own furniture collections.

In 2016, the sales of their furniture amounted to about 36 percent. Sales of "Kauno baldai" last year rose to 60 percent, and this year the company plans to grow this figure to 70 percent.

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