The number of MoQ beta users increased by 8,000 on the first day

published: 2018-08-22 16:32

The daylight was seen Tuesday by MoQ, a mobile payment platform operated by three major airlines. Nearly 6,000 smartphone users have downloaded the open beta for the first 24 hours of Google Play and the App Store, announced by Moq UAB that manages mobile payments.

Another 2000 users had the opportunity to try the gadget in the closed beta. The total number of gadget users currently reaches almost 8,000.

"The result is inspiring, but we know very well that this is just the beginning of the road – in the foreground there are new features of the gadget, new payment methods and the development of telephone payments at physical places. We are going to continue to expand on well-known retail and catering networks in Lithuania and encourage dealers and service providers to be open to innovations and to enable customers to pay with smartphones, "says Monika Rimkūnaitė-Bložė, Head of Mobile Payments.

Currently, users of MoQ beta can pay a large proportion (about 90%) of the Lithuanian stores online. There are not many places for physical habitation – different bars and resorts. Among the new – the restaurant network "Jurgis ir Drakonas".

Ms. Bloc also gives some statistics: on the first MoQ-day of the day, users of the gadget were very active in mutual transfers. There were fewer payments at physical stores – mostly in cafes and restaurants in Vilnius – and in online stores. In recent years, the number of settlements varied from a few to a few hundred euros. Phone paid an average of 14 Eur.

All billing locations based on cafes and restaurants in the center of Vilnius are marked with the MoQ logo, their card can be found here.

MoQ developers recall that the gadget can download up to 30,000 users at this stage. The decision to limit the number of users was determined by the desire to consistently increase the load on the platform in order to prevent systemic shocks. By extending the billing network and ensuring that the platform is stable, the gadget can download more and more users.

The company "Mobile Payments" is equal to the mobile operators "Bitė Lietuva", "Tele2" and "Telia Lietuva" in equal parts. The Bank of Lithuania has granted the company "Mobile Payments" an electronic money institution with a limited activity license, which is necessary to carry out activities related to direct payments. Mobile operators are authorized by the European Commission to jointly develop a common platform for the provision of mobile payment services.

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