The professor accuses the new CEO of Air France-KLM that he is not a Frenchman

When it was discovered that Benjamin Smith would lead the Air France-KLM, the candidate contacted the trade union members. The new CEO is not a Frenchman.

Mr. Smith, the current head of Air Canada Airlines, was appointed because Jean-Marc Janaillac, former director of Air France-KLM, resigned. He said he would decide to withdraw if he did not agree with the employees about the amount of work pay.

As a CNN, the trade union simply argued that the new manager was not a Frenchman and immediately made the appointment unacceptable. France also holds 14.3% of the total French and Dutch airline shares. Smith will be the first vice president of the United States in the 85-year history of Air France.

Other countries and their governments try to protect their airlines. How can we enable Air France to lead a woman? – Transfer representatives in your opinion.

Philippe Evain, chairman of the French pilot's trade union, says that Mr. Smith will be forced to restrict existing company managers because of his own limited ini.

We do not understand why a skilled specialist in France could not be found. We believe it is just a matter of professionalism that we have just put into the selection process, "said Aikin Evaina

As CNN, when the Air Canada driver went to the Smith, he managed to get the company out of business. These airlines started to fly more and 200 krypi, and Smith negotiated with the pilot and flew over satellite unions and reached a long-term agreement on working conditions

I think the appointment of this manager is beneficial for the airlines. the Air France trade union is open-hearted, it sounds like an irony, but I think it only shows that the head has been chosen correctly, "says Daniel Roeska, an analyst.

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