The US is withdrawing 300 million dollars to help Pakistan

The Ministry of Defense tried to reduce aid by 300 million. The spokesperson for the Pentagon, Colonel Lieutenant Cone Faulkner, wrote the news agency by e-mail to the news agency.

The United States has put Pakistan under pressure to destroy a safe haven for militants on its territory and at the beginning of this year issued a freeze aid that, according to one official, could be worth around 2 billion euros. dollars (1.72 billion euros).

"We will continue to put pressure on Pakistan without taking all the terrorist groups," Faulkner said. He added that the last reduction of aid has yet to be approved by Congress.

The announcement came to Islamabad a few days before the planned visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompey, where he met the new Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistan has fiercely campaigned against local militant groups and said that in its protracted war against extremism it has lost thousands of lives and spent billions of dollars.

However, US officials blame Islamabad for ignoring or even collaborating with groups that focus on Pakistani safe havens in Afghanistan.

The White House is of the opinion that the Pakistani intelligence services and military authorities have long supported the financing and arming of the Taliban. It is said that this is done for ideological reasons, and also to counter the growing influence of India in Afghanistan.

The United States also believes that rigorous Pakistani measures can be decisive before the end of the war in Afghanistan.

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