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For the first time at dinner in the dark table, guests met in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1999, when the blind vicar wanted to see their friends in the dark with a more pronounced revelator of food tastes and an environment in which non-visible people live . Famous people in the restaurant "Daugirdas" at the Kaunas hotel on the day of the World White Catchers ate in an analogue dinner in the dark "Dine in the Dark". It was not only lacking in delicious food, but also in unpretentious crises, hypocrisy of inappropriate ingredients and a look at the mind. We, the visions, do not really appreciate the gift of sight.

As before, it was also for dinner, where the performer, the designer of the concave designer Goda Alijeva, the conductors of TV shows Donatas Skorupskaitė and Ilona Juciutė, the pair of dancers Gintaras and Tomas Slausgalvis, Jūratė and Česlovas Norvaišas, organizer of the events Kristina Kaikarienė, could see. There was a briefing – no cell phones or walking.

Dinner moments – in photo gallery:

The blindfolds were accompanied by blindfolds. The evening was also led by Indrė Gaskaitė, who has no life and who makes children's stories.

"Despite the information received, our guests who sleep in the dark often ask us how we see it – we only see black, that is, darkness, but I do not know what the light means, it always makes a smile, but the most important thing is the emotions with which participants leave the dark During dinner, we are talking about sensations, as you can see, feeling the world without seeing it.These feelings are changing the world. "In the evening participants begin to appreciate what they have, "said I. Gaskaitė.

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photo / Andrė Gaskaite

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photo / Andrė Gaskaite

According to Ingrida Gustienė, the owner of the restaurant and dinner in the dark, there have been several unexpected situations during the five seasons: big men are afraid of the darkness, and they laugh and laugh, and shiny shoes.

"We try to ensure that there is not the least source of strange light for dinner in the dark, guests can enjoy dinner in the dark, but there are cases where participants are asked to bring them out before dinner. The most interesting thing was that a group of ophthalmologists could not survive and had eaten in the dark, "Ingrida assured.

According to her, diners always warn that when they feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, they can lift their arms and they are escorted out of the dark room.

No one had to be removed this time. It is a plague at the table. After all, someone takes the glass instead of the cup and unintentionally clings to the candlestick on the table and admits that it is impossible to laugh. Someone could guess the ingredients of the dish, others seemed to eat what was not really on the plate. And the etiquette for food in the dark can be forgotten – fast food in the mouth starts to move with your fingers, not with the fork. Nobody sees it.

Despite the fact that dinner is in complete darkness and guests do not see what they are eating, the kitchen of the restaurant, led by an experienced chef, prepares the dishes carefully.

"We have to think about how a perceived person is in an unusual situation, he will understand the taste of a dish when his brain" decodes "and receives the information it receives, occasionally when one of the five most important senses is lost has gone – vision, the perception of food becomes different, people hardly identify what they eat, plum looks like an apple, salmon-like carbonate, etc., "assured Gustiene." – After dinner, guests can give feedback. confessions that we have not considered so far to cherish the opportunity to see, we often do not even think we eat first and foremost. "

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photos & # 39; s / God & # 39; s Aliev with a friend

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photos & # 39; s / God & # 39; s Aliev with a friend

15 minutes When she spoke at rare events, G.Aliyeva admitted she said "yes" to dinner in the dark, but in the end she did not regret her decision – it was interesting.

"I was hoping that there would be some sort of light, mini shimmering that you could at least see where to connect the fork, and there was total darkness, a different experience, did I guess the ingredients of light meals? But I also realized the importance of rega, we eat more with our eyes, it does not matter to us all the time.If the dish looks good, it will automatically be delicious.In the dark even the texture of the food changes, "- G.Aliyeva opened.

The performer confessed that he was fond of production. She has no unwanted ingredients. But for example, marinated tomatoes were surprised by the unpromodal dinner.

"Dinner has made and reflects, during this time I felt internal anxiety, yet I feel a little uncomfortable for a long time in the dark, and finally realize how good it is to be seen," Aliev said, assuring it this pastime was tempted by its originality.

Although the artist's social networks often joke with people who are looking for a new lover, she admits that she is one of the most talented and talented. A period of peace, as assured by Aliev.

Marius Vizbaras / Photo of 15min / Gintarė and Tomas Slausgalviai

Marius Vizbaras / Photo of 15min / Gintarė and Tomas Slausgalviai

Tom and Gintare, who have been together for 16 years, were also good for supper. Thomas admitted that the beauty of the dish still determines a lot – maybe 40 percent. his evaluation.

"We had heard of dinner in the dark, but we have not prepared for it, we have given our brother some entertainment." Tried it, liked it, "- 15 minutes Gintare said.

"We are not one of those people who often go out for dinner.We ate at home, because Gintare produces perfectly, and for that we had a lot of sport for a long time, so it was time – food was energized.We start to visit restaurants now more often. if it is better to take something home with you, "Tom said.

"The man is inviting more and more," laughed Gintare.

According to her, dining in the dark is an extremely interesting experience. Even before the start of dinner, there were questions about how to find food on a plate and whether there would be no protective jacket.

"It was important to discover that food on the plate, which ingredients are already there," laughed Tom.

"Several forks went empty before my mouth" – and Gintare with her husband was already defeated.

Thomas had organizers and tips.

"If I had made such an evening meal for friends, I would not give you refined meals that were made from many ingredients, it would be interesting to eat dark cheesecakes with curd, feel a certain taste? the taste of your taste, and when it comes to making a lot of the sauce, you do not even see ingredients to tell it, "advised T..Sususgalvis.

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