For the first time in the Lithuanian series, M. Repšys: I want to test myself

"This is my first series, the first role on television, – the debut is already opened on September 3 in the criminal series" Serious Affairs ", which will be launched on 3 September in the LNK airspace, which will be opened by Marius Repšys , the best actor in the country – The film was for "Partisans", but I consider this to be more cinema than television I had to offer, called me earlier, but I have always been violent with work and the series is a substitute for a lot of things and time, so I've always left it, now I was invited and thought – why not? I want to test myself. "

"Sentenced" screenwriter Edwin Christen, along with the production company "Urbs TV", in a new crime drama, M. Repse, as he himself said, was the role of a guardian bandit. "Actually, I would not call Dovis a bandit of a great caliber, he has bandit friends, turns to them, but he's really not bad, Dovis is so untouched, pretty cute and very simple, he can eat anything, sleep anywhere live in every way, he grows up to be his brother and sister, whom he loves, strict for them, but where "- Marius describes his character.

The "Golden Cross" and the award-winning "Silver Goblet" of the famous actor do not hide twice – although the work on the site "Serious Affairs" gives him a lot of fun, there is one thing that makes him very annoying.

"Dovis speaks a lot, what you can say in two words, Dovis will say three sentences, sometimes I do not find the text in my head", – M. Repšys laughs.

On the film site of the series "Serious Affairs" there are a number of works that will shake a week after the TV series. And although there is often shot here, bullets are fired and various combat actions are shown, this does not prevent genuine laughter and good emotions.

"I remember that there was a scene where we confronted Algirdas Gradavaskas in the garage with Josifu Baliukević and Justin Barkumi, I had to stick his mouth with an adhesive tape, I do not know how I succeeded, but I grabbed it so Algirdas' face We all stand before him, we want to laugh, but the director does not stop, we have to go on It was hard to stop laughing, we managed to play the scene, but after the director " Dzyugas Siaurusaitis "stopped, everyone laughed a bit, and there is a lot of laziness on the site – Dzyug can create a very good atmosphere", – M. Repšys laughs.

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