Gourmet Young Bands Contest has won "Blues Berries" names

According to the rules, all participants had to present a 15-minute program and their ability to convince the committee that they were worthy of the winners.

This year the committee consisted of the actress of Klaipeda Youth Theater, singer Evelina Šimelionienė, the modern electronic rock band Royce "Leader Ilya Gutin and chairman of the committee, director of the music agency" MP3 "Vaidas Stackevičius.

The first prize The committee awarded the competition to "Blues Berries" and won the first prize – the chance to perform in the main festival program next year and a direct ticket to the second phase of the "X Factor" music show. a group of the chairman of the committee the competition symbol – the golden fish statue of the author

"Young groups find it difficult to find their audience. And every way to get away, to get attention, this is all right. Karkle struggles to concentrate on young groups. And that the value of this competition is shown by the previously winning groups that are visible and concert ", – Commission President Vaidas Stackevičius spoke after the game

." This year the opinion of the committee split and there was a fierce battle between the very different groups Evolution and Blues Berries. . But the execution of the latter was very enthusiastic and enchanting. Sigismund Gedvilla / 15min Photo / Vaidas Stackevičius "rel =" content-image "src =" https://s1.15min.lt/static/cache/NTcweCwsNzIxODg4LG9yaWdpbmFsLCxpZD0zMDMzNjM0JmRhdGU9MjAxNyUyRjA1JTJGMTIsNjg2NDM5MjQx/martynas-tyla-59156f663fc40.jpg "style =" width: auto; height: auto; "/>

Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min photo / Vaizdas Stackevičius

The competition attracts many talented artists every year to their uniqueness and abilities of the festival scene. Golden Fish is characterized by the absence of exclusive criteria for participating The main criterion is to look alive and original

In 2014, for the first time every year a competition is organized to help starting groups to break the big phase of Lithuania. "Z Bottom", "Wolfsome "," Black Biceps ", who started his career in Karklė, is already successful and continues to find his way to the hearts of fans.

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