Her admirers will not relieve her: Madonna has reprimanded millions around the world

More recently, the legendary singer Madonna celebrated her 60th birthday. She received many congratulations and the whole world did not spare her compliments until she made a fatal mistake.

During the MTV Music Awards she had to give a speech that the recently sung singer Aretha Franklin would honor. It seems that fans were not so impressed …

For no apparent reason, Madonna was appointed to honor Aretha. In turn, instead of talking about an extremely talented artist who left the anapillus, she spoke a few minutes about herself and a few words from Franklin.

"If you think why you told me this long story, I want to make it clear: there is a connection here, because no one would have happened, besides the famous queen of soul music, her help is where I want, and I know she many people here today have inspired, for all of us I want to thank Aretha. "Respect", – she finished her speech.

Social networks soon became indignant about the behavior of Madonna.

"Madonna Aretha turned her death into a conversation about herself and her own musical journey," "Why did Madonna use Aretha Franklin so long to talk about himself?", "Travis Scott said a better speech about Aretha Franklin than Madonna, although everything he said "RIP Aretha", – such and similar plates soon came under the picture.

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