In the SEL concert Inga Stumbriene wore two pairs of shoes: she explained the reason for this female trick

Admittedly, several guests noticed that Inga came to the concert with two pairs of shoes. Equipped ballerinas were designed to climb the mountain, while black high heels were posed for photographers. The female entrepreneur used this feminine trick not only for beauty, but also for comfort, because it would have been rather problematic to climb the rain during the rain.

"At first I went out of the house with bass, but I could see that it could start to fall quickly." The man also believed that there are many things to do, so in the wake of all the evil, I immediately stepped into the handballerina. When we went to the concert, I really started getting drunk, so I just drove in the car, and in my bass guitar I carried my hand to not only keep them safe, but also to keep the legs safe, "she recalls. himself.

It appears that the heels of I. Stumbriene are much more pleasant than the boots of the equalizer.

"In fact, when I open a ballerine, I feel very strange, especially when it's a kind of public event, and I prefer to go to the store with those shoes or quickly pick things up in the city, and in events where it's usually a little more graceful clothing, I would love high heels, I feel the best with them, "said DELFI, a woman.

Asked if she might think of another event, where she also had to wear two pairs of shoes, Inga agrees that she was one of the first at Mountain Park this time.

"It's not that bad in Lithuania, but it happened abroad, many are asking me why I walk through the city with high heels, I have high heels that are really comfortable, but in my car I always have lighter shoes. at hand, so that when my legs get tired, I can take them away, "said the businessman.

When checking if and when she drives a car she likes to choose high heels, Inga believes she is used to doing everything with her.

"I could not even tell if it is more comfortable to ride with high heels, but when it comes to high heels, it makes me even easier to maneuver, but I really do not feel a big difference," says the woman.

Inga & # 39; s love for shoes with high heels is also due to the fact that she has long learned to find the most comfortable shoes.

"I first look at their convenience, it's been a long time since I started choosing boots for their beauty, I allow myself to walk a few minutes with them for a few minutes, because I've had negative experiences with raising bad shoes – not only the legs were tired, but even my head started to refresh, so now I try to make the shoes really comfortable, and in the clearing, when I open the high heels, I feel the best, apparently it's a feminine accent ", – she laughs.

Although I. Stumbriene is fond of hemorrhoids, their pores are not very numerous. Her biggest weakness is not shoes, but dresses with a woman of different styles and colors.

"I have no weaknesses for Bates, I feel it for dresses, which is pretty much in my closet, last year I donated many shoes, distributed, cleaned the closet and now it's just a classic, such boots can be combined with different I have a pair of sneakers, a pair of bases, a pair of open nose shoes, and there are not many of them, but they are of high quality and which I really appreciate, "- said the businessman.

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