J. Šlejaitė Concert – Lithuanian Hits of the Century

At the end of August the best text of the century is presented by the performer Jomantė Šležaitė and pianist Vaidrius Smilinskas at the Kristupas Summer Festival.

The concert "10 Lithuanian" contains the songs of Lithuanian composers that were written in Lithuanian poetry during the decades (1918-2018).

According to J. Šležaitė, the idea of ​​the event, which could be called the "hit" concert, because most melodies know, love and mutter every Lithuanian, he was born on the winter evenings of the boys, thinking of the meaningful mention of the extraordinary celebration of Lithuania.

"Because the Lithuanian music in my repertoire was extremely small, this project made it possible to get acquainted with the treasures of our nation's music.It was a long and very interesting exploration time.The idea of ​​the concert – to give the listener the to give the best and most famous songs of that decade, revealing the fashion modes of the decades, to introduce the history of Lithuanian music.I always say in my concerts that this performance is no exception.I hope that I am interesting, unknown will tell facts about the works, which will be a very broad spectrum, "- said the artist.

The concert program includes works such as A. Raudonikis "Gladness", B. Gorbulskis "Blue Streets", B. Dvarionas "Star", Z. Bružaitė "Elegy" and many others.

"The whole program is extremely expensive for me.The songs we perform are in line with their musical meanings and lyrics.At the beginning of the concert the song" Evening Violin "by A. Kacanuskas is played.It is a special, symbolic , because it is a debut song in the Song of Songs competition and a first memory of the grand scene.Now, I notice a lot of other echoes of this song.I was also in the Lithuanian theater group. to my taste acceptable and its implementation has become a challenge for itself.The vocal technique of the genre of the song is completely different from the opera aria or the performance of Russian romance, "said J. Šležaitė, collaborator of the concert "Ten Lithuanian" together with pianist V. Smilinskas.

The singer, who comes from Tauragė and travels a lot, considers himself a patriot: "It is good for me to live in Lithuania, to speak our language, to cherish only the traditions that are typical of our country." Lithuania is a rich country A country of strong, gifted people, and I am always proud to be Lithuanian, because here is my country of birth, the houses that are always waiting, only the future of our country and our prosperity are ours. & # 39;

When asked whether there is no reason to leave his country of birth, J. Šlejaitė says he is an open-ended person: "I wonder where I am at that time, but in my heart I am what I am I am a Lithuanian in a wide world and asked where I come from, I always say: from Lithuania, a small country near the Baltic coast, where there are many forests, lakes and where you want to come back. "

In the light of the century of the Lithuanian state, the importance of Lithuanian traditions and their nurture is increasingly being discussed. According to the artist, everything starts in the family – upbringing, attitude to life and values, as well as the development of nationality.

"The family did not have a separate language about Lithuanian, it just came in. I came to live in the United States, where the long-awaited homeland, the perception of who is Lithuania, is most striking to see people who have been in a foreign country and who, even more than Lithuanians living in their homeland, retain their identity, who speak Lithuanian without the slightest accent, letting their children become acquainted with customs and traditions.This is an example for everyone, "said the Mr. Šlejaitė.

Over the decades, selected works that reveal the beauty of Lithuanian music are played on Wednesday, August 22nd at 7 PM. St. Catherine & # 39; s Church. Discover them and your favorites during the concert "Ten Lithuanians" together with singer Jomante Šležaitė and pianist Vaidrius Smilinskas.

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