Johnny Depp blames ex-wife for her abusive behavior: she says she found her droppings in her bed

According to The Mirror reports, the incident occurred as a result of a bowel movement in April 2016.

Sources say that the housekeeper found the excisional actor's premises. After a stormy conflict, the 55-year-old actor left his home in Los Angeles.

It is claimed that the material with the incident is directly linked to Amber Heard, although the actress herself claims to have left the pair of Boo boys in the stool.

Here is what The Mirror says a source close to the culprit in the bed: Boo has severe digestive problems. Bad luck Nothing like this can happen specifically. He's just an innocent dog. Such dogs sometimes irritate all pets. We have nothing else to add. A. Heard goes forward and wants nothing to do with this nonsense. "

The last time the media attention was drawn to Pistol and Boo's dogs when A. Heard landed them in a private plane in 2015 without having completed the necessary quarantine procedures without providing the necessary documents

former wife of J. Deppo avoided the practice of deprivation of liberty when she declared her guilty of falsifying documents relating to the transportation of her dogs

The couple made an apology video in court, and the message was later distributed online. " If they do not respect Australian law, they will certainly not be able to escape easily, "explained Depp in a statement.

Under strict Australian law, dogs brought to Australia from the United States must be quarantined for ten days JPD was not accused of this incident

Yorkshire Terrier Pistol – ed by former friend A. Heard, female artist Tasyos van Ree and Boo – J. Deppo fatherhood.

A.Heard and J. Depp married in 2015, but their relationship soon departed.

A month after the faecal couple's bedside incident, A. Heard stated that "J. Depp, in the midst of a conflict, grabbed his phone and kicked her face to face, injuring his cheek and eyes," according to court documents. . Police officers found no evidence of crime, although Mr Heard has a picture of a post-conflict situation in which facial expressions are reasonably clear. Depp categorically denies that he has violated his already existing wife. The actress has repeatedly spoken with the court about Dr. dependence on. Deppo about drugs and alcohol.

In a few documented divorce papers prepared in 2017, A. Heard claims that J. Depp "throws paranoid and irrational accusations of some kind of vessel." He lives in illusions around the world, his behavior has changed drastically. very angry, "says the actress.

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